A rich tradition of engineering, science and technology dating back to the 14th century when Prague became the capital of the Holy Roman Empire and when remarkable engineering works were created which have served their purpose to the present day (eg. Charles Bridge and St Vitus Cathedral). The Charles University as the oldest university in Central Europe was founded in Prague in 1348.
The Prague Polytechnic, today called the Czech Technical University in Prague, one of the oldest engineering schools in the world, was founded in Prague in 1707.
The Society of Architects and Engineers in the Kingdom of Bohemia, one of the oldest engineering societies in Europe, was founded in 1865. The successor to the Society is the host of the Convention – the Czech Association of Scientific and Technical societies, incorporated club.
The term ROBOT: Brothers Josef and Karel Čapek invented and first used the globally used term "robot" in a 1920 sci-fi play "R.U.R" ("Rossum's Universal Robots") in which ROBOTS were named as human beings with artificial intelligence.
Prague is also the place of origin of the vision of artificial intelligence: according to the 16th century legend, rabbi Jehuda Löw ben Becalel, a distinguished mathematician at the court of Rudolf II, the Holy Roman emperor, created Golem, a human being made of clay, he was able to control him to help people.
Throughout the centuries a large number of world-famous scientists, technicians and engineers who to a greater degree contributed to the development of human civilization in broader fields of science and technology, agriculture, health service, transport and industry who have worked and invented in the former territory of the Czech Republic and in Prague:
Ernest Mach (Mach number), Christian Doppler (Doppler effect), Čeněk (Vincent) Strouhal (Strouhal number), Bernard Bolzano (Bolzano's theorem), Albert Einstein (worked on the quantum theory of solids and partially on the theory of relativity in Prague), Franz Anton Ritter von Gerstner (first railway in Europe), Aurel Stodola (steam and gas turbines), Ferdinand Porsche (automotive design), Stanislav Bechyně (innovative designs of bridges and concrete buildings), Jan Kašpar (pioneer flights), František Křižík ("Czech Alva Edison"), Prokop Diviš (first lightning conductor in Europe), Gregor Johann Mendel (principles of genetics: Mendel's principles of heredity), Viktor Kaplan (revolutionary water turbine), Josef Ressel (screw propeller, compasses), Otto Wichterle (contact lens), Antonín Holý (antiviral drugs).
Nobel laureate: Jaroslav Heyrovský
Nobel Prize winner (Chemistry - Polarography).
High quality technical education: Eight technical universities provide a high-quality education for engineers and other technical societies, professional organizations and education agencies in the Czech Republic.
Galileo Europe's Global Navigation Satellite System: Europe's Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) has been headquartered in Prague since September 2012.
Science and Technology Museums: National Technical Museum, National Museum of Agriculture, Štefánik Observatory in Prague, Techmania Science Center in Plzeň, IQ Landia in Liberec, Fort Science in Olomouc, Mendelianum (centre of Johann Gregor Mendel, the World of Genetics) in Brno, Science and Technology in Ostrava.
Prague is a significant European centre for art, science and technology, a place of multiculturalism and tolerance that gives its inhabitants and visitors freedom, a safe environment that generates inspiration.
An interesting accompanying programme: Participants of the Convention will have the opportunity to get to know engineering, scientific and technical works on an international level and to be inspired by further work in their field.
The Czech Republic, one of the most industrial of Europe's countries, that has an industrial production index of 32% gross domestic product, offers a lot of unique projects to gain knowledge, for example the Laser Research Centre equipped with the most powerful pulsed laser in the world, pumped storage hydroplant ‒ the third most efficient hydroplant in the world and many other unique academic, industrial and research institutions in the areas of mobility, cybernetics, robotics and artificial intelligence.
We believe you will be enthusiastic not only about the Convention Programme but also about the magical beauty of the Czech Republic and historic Prague as well as the friendly environment.

We look forward to a broader participation of engineers, researchers, scientists and technicians from all over the world.
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